When to Rent Compact Excavators

Before embarking on a construction project — regardless of whether you are a professional contractor or someone who dabbles in DIY projects — it is a good idea to list down all the materials, tools and equipment that you will need.

For construction projects, one piece of equipment that you may need is a compact excavator. What exactly is a compact excavator and why might you need one?

Also known as mini-excavators, compact excavators are a piece of heavy equipment that can be used for both digging and demolition works. Their small size allows them to be used for small and medium sized projects.

The relatively small size of a compact excavator allows them to be used in job sites where larger equipment simply cannot be used. But don’t be fooled by its small size — it is a capable equipment that can handle tough tasks. Depending on the type of work that you need to do, you will require an attachment either for digging or demolition. Other attachments that can be used with compact excavators include rippers, excavators, buckets, compaction wheels and augers.

Before contractors (and DIY enthusiasts) rent compact excavators, they must know the type of terrain that they are going to work on. Compact excavators can either have wheels or tracks. Wheels are suitable for projects that have solid and smooth surfaces like concrete. Tracks, on the other hand, are better suited for rougher terrain like dirt and gravel.

What kind of tasks require the use of a mini-excavator? Consider renting a compact excavator if you are going to dig holes and trenches, demolish small structures, work on sewer lines, and remove tree stumps (or other landscaping projects). Some homeowners even rent this heavy piece of equipment for plowing snow. Simply put, if the task requires digging or demolition and you want that task completed faster and with greater ease, hire a mini-excavator.

It is important to know that before renting a compact excavator, you should have an experienced operator on call. Compact excavators, despite their relatively small size, are powerful equipment that need to be operated by people who have undergone the necessary training.

Once the compact excavator has arrived at the job site, it is necessary for the operator to go over the instruction that comes with the equipment. Although the basic operating principles may be the same for all mini-excavators, each manufacturer has specific recommendations and instructions that should be followed for their units.

Also, before the equipment is used, it is recommended that they be tested in a large, open space first.