Questions to Ask a New York Equipment Rental Company

Often, construction companies are confronted with the question of whether to buy or rent the equipment they need to successfully finish their projects. In some cases, it makes sense to invest in vital tools and equipment that can be used for several years.

However, there are also a few compelling reasons why you should lease equipment instead of buying these. These benefits include the elimination of the need to maintain and store equipment, as well as forgoing transportation costs. Plus, you can save more money when you don’t have to face the associated time and labor costs.

If you are planning to rent equipment for your project, it is imperative to ask the rental company a few important questions in order to fully reap these benefits. Two of the hallmarks of a reputable New York equipment rental company would its superior customer service and its readiness to answer the client’s questions before sealing the deal. Asking the right questions before signing an agreement can help eliminate confusion, prevent unnecessary expenses, and outline the responsibilities of both parties.

Here are the five essential questions to ask before renting equipment:

Does the equipment work?

It sounds like a simple question that you should not even bother to ask. However, it is but prudent to ascertain well ahead of time that the equipment you are renting actually works before it is delivered to the job site. This will help ensure that your project is finished on time and that you do not have to pay for the repair of the equipment.

What’s the insurance policy?

A reputable equipment rental company regularly maintains its offerings, ensuring that these perform optimally every time. However, there are some rare instances when these do malfunction. Making the investment in a good policy can give you greater peace of mind.

What are your policies about extensions?

There will be instances wherein you may need to use equipment longer than you may have expected. This is why it is a good idea to ask the equipment rental company how long an extension they can give you without charging extra.

What are your policies on refueling and cleaning?

Before signing an agreement, inquire whether you need to return the equipment refueled and cleaned, or if the company will handle everything.

Can they give you a copy of the contract?

It is rarely a wise move to sign a contract without reading the fineprint first. Ask for a copy of the contract so that you can review it before making a firm commitment.