Providing Better Building Quality With the Right Concrete Planers Equipment NYC

Concrete is a key construction material, which is why builders must have the right skills, tools and equipment for its proper preparation and use. Some of the more versatile pieces of equipment for this purpose are concrete floor grinders, concrete screeds and concrete power trowels, but the tools that will be given due attention here are concrete planers Equipment NYC rental companies share that these prove popular among builders because of their versatility.

What are they?

Concrete planers are also known as concrete scarifiers or milling machines. They are used to remove large layers of concrete and are able to do so more aggressively and much faster than concrete grinders can. The reason? A concrete planer’s flails (multi-tipped cutting wheels) spin at high speeds and thus deliver a powerful pummeling action to a concrete surface, effectively removing concrete as needed for a specific project.

Some concrete planers come in small handheld models with cutting widths of 2-3 inches. Self-propelled units, or ones that can be manually pushed, are also available in working paths between 4 and 6 inches (incidentally, an 8-inch working path with a rate of 350-500 square feet per hour is already quite generous—ideal for a wide variety of building works).

What applications are right for concrete planers?

  • Removing concrete using planers is necessary in the following settings:
  • Leveling uneven surfaces and misaligned joints
  • Repairing hazards found in sidewalks
  • Removing coatings such as epoxy or elastomeric materials and heavy floor tile mastics
  • Removing traffic lines
  • Milling (either heavy or light)
  • Making pathways slip-resistant through grooving
  • Preparing concrete for resurfacing

Should you buy your own or rent as needed?

How you obtain the equipment you need for your building business or needs depends on several factors. If you’re a large and established company handling multiple and complex projects, it makes sense to purchase your own equipment. This way, you’ll have everything you need right away instead of taking a chance on availability with rental companies. You can begin projects right away, and you can maximize your investment by regularly using the machine.

On the other hand, renting also offers great benefits. You can obtain only the equipment you need, for the duration of a specific project (that could mean for days, weeks or months), instead of having it in your possession whether you use it or not and still taking care of its repairs and maintenance. You’ll be able to rent newer, more advanced models instead of sticking with a single, possibly outdated unit for a long time. The equipment can be conveniently picked up or delivered to you, and you can request support from the rental company’s staff whenever you need it.

Concrete planers are vital tools that can positively impact your construction jobs. Consider renting them to discover distinct advantages for your business over the short and long term.