How to Rent Boom Lifts: NYC Locals’ Guide to Hiring the Best Equipment

Boom lifts are one of the pieces of equipment that are regularly seen in construction sites. Also known as a cherry picker, this type of equipment can help workers reach heights easily. Boom lifts have articulating boom arms and extendable baskets that can permit a person to access hard to reach work areas and also go about their tasks in safety and comfort, with their range of tools available on hand.

This particular type of equipment serves a number of purposes. For starters, they are usually used by building maintenance workers to paint walls, clean windows, and carry out façade work in higher floors or areas. Boom lifts are also used by utility workers to inspect and repair telephone and electrical cables. They can also be used to install and have access to high-standing billboards and for transporting materials to high places from a distance. They are quite useful in the agriculture and mining industries as well since they are used by fruit pickers to pick fruits from tall trees, and by miners as a transportation device when they have to descend to the ground and work in possibly unsafe areas.

Certain companies will have a need for this equipment from time to time. If it is not a regular requirement, when a need arises, business owners can choose to rent boom lifts NYC locals will find that this option offers significant cost-savings since you will pay only for what you use and you won’t have to put together a substantial amount of capital for this machinery.

When renting a boom lift, make sure you consider these important elements and factors:

Its operating capacity. Also known as lift capacity, the operating capacity is an important factor to consider, especially if you intend to have heavy equipment lifted by this machinery. Boom lifts can typically support weight between 300 and 2,000 pounds. Standard boom lifts used in typical job sites can hold 500 to 700 pounds.

Its measurements. Aside from lift capacity, it is also important to factor in the boom lift’s measurements. If you will be renting one for indoor use, make sure you do the necessary measurements before renting one so that it can fit through doorways and ceilings. If you will be using it outdoors,find out if the lift will fit through standard gates and trailers. Also, it is important to know the height that the boom lift needs to reach.

Brand dependability. Lastly, a boom lift brand’s reliability is a crucial factor to consider as well since this equipment can expose a user to dangerous situations. Although it will be very tempting to rent the cheapest equipment, keep in mind that this decision may affect the user’s safety. Superior brands may be more expensive to rent but you can have assurance that their boom lifts are made of the finest materials, and thus are strong and durable.