How to Make the Most of Your Rental Concrete Scarifier

The outcome of your construction projects depends on several factors. It depends on the skill and experience of your workers. It depends on your ability to manage every site. And it also depends on the quality of your equipment and tools.

But instead of purchasing high-end, expensive tools, like a concrete scarifier, you can rent. Renting is particularly recommended if you have multiple projects going on simultaneously and you need the same kind of tools for different jobs. The cost-effective option is a rental Concrete scarifier renting is better when you follow a few steps for maximizing this option.

Pin down the application.

Concrete scarifiers or surface planers have a variety of applications. Scarifiers can do more than simply remove concrete and do it fast. The tool can remove heavy coatings. It can level misaligned concrete joints and other uneven surfaces. It can make surfaces slip-resistant by grooving them. It can also do light to heavy milling.

The scarifier you rent can come with interchangeable cutting wheels and drum set-ups. It could also come with a range of grades and tip styles, which dictate aggressive or gentle removal of concrete. These will allow you or your workers to perform the necessary profile and finish required for every job. Pinning down the application will ensure you get the proper cutting wheels and drum set-ups.

Determine the necessity of the concrete scarifier.

Once you have sufficient information on the applications required for every job, you then have to determine the duration of the project. More specifically: How long will you need to use the scarifier?

You can rent the concrete finisher (and various other tools) in varying periods. You can do a monthly, weekly, or daily rental. What you choose will depend on the need for the concrete scarifier. Choosing the right rental duration will prevent wasted time when the tool is not in use for long periods. It will also ensure that you don’t have to pay extra for extended use of the concrete scarifier.

You also need to make sure that your rental period starts only when it is required. So communicate with relevant personnel to determine when the scarifier is needed on-site.

As a final bit of advice, choose your rental company carefully. You will want to rent your concrete scarifier from a reputable business that can guarantee their tools are in good shape. Renting from a good company (one you’ve vetted thoroughly) should provide you with quality scarifiers and other tools.