Factors to Consider in Your Portable Generators Rental NYC Equipment Experts Share the Top 5

Portable generators serve a multitude of purposes. They provide power to construction sites, remote buildings and cabins. They provide emergency or backup power for hospitals, other establishments, and even houses that simply need to have or run on electricity 24/7.

Owning your own portable generator, however, will require some serious investment on your part. Whatever reason you may have for needing this machinery, you can always choose to rent it to save money.

Arranging for portable generators rental NYC business owners should know, can be a confusing task since there can be many brands and models to choose from. To make sure that you will be choosing the right generator to rent, below are the key factors you have to consider in your selection:

  1. What you will use it for. Generally, portable generators can be meant for industrial and recreational use,or use as a home backup.Equipment rental experts say that for home backup generators, choose one that can work well with a transfer switch so that you can quickly and easily power essential appliances. For industrial and recreational purposes, you would do well to choose ones that are quiet and highly durable.
  2. Maximum fuel efficiency and run time. Choose a portable generator that is both fuel efficient and boasts of a long run time. If you want to run your generator for a long period of time without refilling it, select a generator that has large fuel tanks. You can also go for a portable generator that automatically adjusts the engine speed to match the power needed — this allows for optimum fuel efficiency.
  3. Noise level.A lot of areas today have strict noise ordinances. Loud generators are unsuitable for such areas and for a lot of applications as well,including powering outdoor events and hospitals. It is, therefore, important to consider the equipment’s noise level before renting it. Most generators today are labeled with a decibel rating. For every increase in 10 decibels, the noise level becomes 10 times more powerful. As such, a generator that runs at 70 decibels is 10 times as loud as one that runs at 60 decibels.
  4. Ease of starting and use. You don’t want to spend hours reading the portable generator’s manual to learn how to start and use it. As such, make sure the one you will rent is relatively easy to start.
  5. The quality of power output. Finally, your generator should provide consistent power since fluctuations can cause equipment to shut down and even malfunction. To avoid this problem, ensure that the brand and model you will choose is highly reliable and has top-notch voltage regulation controls.