Equipment Rental NYC Contractors Get a Financial Edge

When contractors land large projects that need specialized tools or heavy equipment, they begin that important internal debate that periodically arises in the face of lucrative new jobs. Do they invest in their own equipment or do they continue to resort to equipment rental? NYC contractors that are thriving enough to consider purchase of their own equipment often weigh the pros and cons of both options. It’s definitely understandable when they play the safe card and choose to continue renting.

Why is it safer to go for equipment rental NYC contractors find it a real headache saver to not worry about the liability of maintaining and storing their pieces of heavy equipment when they’re not in use. Not all contractor offices come with a large garage and storage facility specifically designed to keep expensive heavy equipment safe. The possibility of theft is just too high to be ignored.

It’s not just about the bother of proper and secure storage, of course. Definitely, one of the strong arguments for renting is that contractors do not have to pay for the servicing of the equipment they use. Should there be need for repairs or even just standard maintenance, the equipment rental company will take care of the issue. If the machine promises to be out of commission for any significant period of time (with some projects, just a day is already one too many), the rental company typically just sends a new piece of equipment over to the job site. The price for repairs and replacements is usually covered in the rental agreement.Imagine if you were a contractorworking on projects with the use of your own equipment; unless you have someone in-house to maintain and repair your machines, then it could get even more expensive.

For these two reasons alone, contractors find that it works better financially for them to simply rent their equipment. Of course, equipment rental is a good choice only when you’re working with a company that offers excellent quality service and reasonable pricing. It should also provide the options of short-term (daily) and long-term rentals.

What are the other factors that contractors should look for in an equipment rental company? A large rental fleet with reliable newer unitsmaintained by experts is definitely paramount. Any of these machines should be ready to go, and their pickup and delivery should be easy for the contractor as well.

At the end of the day, it’s all about practicality. What route allows top quality job performance and the most financial gain at the same time? For many contractors, renting is the answer.